Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One year older..

19 years old feels incredibly similar to 18. BUT, this has been the most enjoyable birthday I've had in a while. Festivities consisted of a trip to Kaysville with the roommates to visit the fam,
Almost (ALMOST!) excessive attention and adoration from my roommates,

And cherished gifts from all my favorite people, among which came my new favorite snuggle buddy :)
Penguin pillow pet<3
Thanks so much to EVERYONE who made this birthday so special :) Even those who gave me half-hearted virtual birthday wishes via Facebook. It has been really fun and I'm looking forward to another year of this beautiful life I am so fortunate to be living.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just a quickie..

Been neglecting my blog. Been neglecting everything, really. Have so much to do that I haven't given anything the attention it deserves. So busy, I can't even write complete sentences. Quick update of what I've been up to:

Snugglin' in various positions in the living room (there's a lot more where this came from)
Continued the process of furnishing our apartment. DI has an incredible selection of kitty figurines.
Got some fish
Drove this thing..
..using this thing. Big boy remote controls :)
Spontaneous late-night trips to squaw peak to sip hot chocolate while criticizing all the sketchy cars surely containing couples who drove 15 minutes just to find a place where they could make out in peace. The spectacular view of Provo was a bonus.
Notice homework is nowhere to be found on this list.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Homework? Nah..

As usual, I'm going to postpone what ought to be my highest priority (homework) in favor of bragging via the internet about all the fun I've been having. Cause that's what blogs are. Desperate attempts to justify your existence and prove to everyone else that your life is worth living.

First of all, (and this is long overdue,) meet:
The Roommates!

Friday was Inception Night! This is the night where we made Inception cookies (Oreos inside chocolate chip cookies.)
To make these, just smash cookie dough around Oreos and bake them like normal.
We ate these delicious things while we watched Inception. It was worth it.

Saturday night, we engaged in a little arts-and-crafts project
decorating the letters of each of our first names for wall hangings in our living room.

Naturally, it rapidly turned into a paint fight, and things got a little messy

Ryan made the mistake of falling asleep in an apartment full of maniacal girls

And yes, this did all happen at 2am.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm a nerd.

Every time I go for a run and I pass a speed limit sign, I always joke with myself, 'better slow down, speedy! ha ha.' And then I feel lame cause I know if I were ever to say that aloud to someone, they definitely would NOT laugh. So i just keep it to myself. I don't care WHAT you say; I know I'm clever!

As for my life, things have been going just swell.
My classes are not only interesting, but they also don't seem too overwhelming. That's probably a sign that I'm in way over my head and I don't even know it.
I LOVE living with my best friends. It's a never-ending party and it makes me eager to come home every day.
For Labor Day, we went up to Salt Lake. Caroline, Hailey, Ryan and I packed up our stuff Sunday afternoon and took off for a night of baking, overeating, bowling, swimming, and chit-chattin.

After stuffing ourselves with authentic enchiladas, Ryan, Hailey, and I smushed ourselves into a single armchair.
 Monday was spent doing absolutely nothing worthwhile. Thus, the following is all I have to show for it.
In other news, not only have I gained back all the weight I lost on my cleanse but I have, in fact, had a perpetual food baby for the past week and a half. C'est la vie.