Monday, January 17, 2011

Shame on you, Hollywood.

Right now I'm watching The Last Song for the first time while I work on my redraft assignment for my Residential Landscape Design class. For those that also haven't seen this movie, Miley Cyrus gets accepted to Juilliard, so I'm just wondering. Is there any way someone could make a movie that is even the slightest bit realistic? Never in a MILLION years would Miley Cyrus get into that school. It's just cruel and misleading for filmmakers to make their audience think that it's possible for them to be acknowledged by such a prestigious, competitive program for mediocre talent. Just like in Step Up where in the end Channing Tatum gets into the fancy arts school. Not to say Channing isn't a talented dancer, but how exactly does his street dancing qualify him to learn ballet alongside students who have been dedicated to honing that skill since they were, like, 4? It's immoral to make movies that allow people to believe stuff like that happens. Cause it doesn't. And it shouldn't.

What we need is more movies like He's Just Not That Into You.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year errbody!

Yeah it's kind of belated. But I've been really busy! In fact, I shouldn't be blogging right now, but I need a break from my first week of my second semester of college. Therefore, what better opportunity to update you on what's been going on these past coupla weeks? There is none. SO here we go.

Since our last encounter, I..
was visited by some of my favorite people,

roadtripped to Colorado with my girls<3,
got my hurr did,
had the BEST New Years with the most delightful festivities,
took some awesome pictures of myself,
received this little number
and ate at this place
with this guy,
celebrated the upcoming addition to this attractive twosome,
got caught up on a lot of the movies I'd been missing out on, including Toy Story 3, Tangled, Harry Potter 7 pt 1, and my new favorite, Easy A (which is not being quoted enough, I'll say that.)
went bowling,
and got dropped off at the airport, barely in time to make my flight on which I sat in front of two teenagers who started hitting on each other and sharing their life stories, in response to which I exchanged eye rolls with the men on either side of me.
I also started school on Tuesday and since then, life has been pretty busy. The first week of college is chronically overwhelming. But I'm not quite so panicked as I was last semester. I can handle it!! Anyway, I'm off to the gym so I can say I did something productive with my day. Keep it real, folks :)