Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wanna see something crrrazy?!

My old friend slash love interest sent me a picture the other day wanting to know if it was me.
In case you forgot, this is what I look like (or did look like 3 months ago before I dyed my hair back to dark)
This is the picture I recieved

At first I was like,
Hey.. I don't own any University of Utah paraphernalia. I don't remember taking this picture.
And then I thought he had photoshopped my face in there
and I was like, 'aw Steve, you joker.'
But then I realized it wasn't me
but it almost was.
So let's go over this again.

Not me:

Kinda wild, am I right?
I guess it's a good thing she goes to the U cause I don't think there's enough room for two of me at this university.