Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boring generic update on my thrilling life

It's been a good 10 days since I last blogged so I figured everybody was probably itching to catch up with me on what's been going on and who am I to deprive you?
Here's what I've accomplished in the past week and a half:
  • Got 83% on my financial management test
  • Got 76% on my D&C test (Trust me, it should've been worse)
  • Did roughly 35 hours of hard pruning. My job now=my social life
  • Multiplied my amount of grocery shopping experience by 3
  • Converted Ryan to The Bachelorette
That's about it. I currently have no photographic evidence to support these claims, but it honestly wouldn't have been any more interesting than the blank screen anyway.
I will leave you with this little treasure of a video blogger. Beware of some vulgar language and sexual references.
Also, allow me to refer you to my friend, Celeste's blog for enlightenment on introverts (example: me).
Aaaaand... 2 1/2 more weeks of school for me me mee and then I'm off to Colorado for two months! WOOWOOWOOOWO!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey guys! Need an idea for your next date?

Invite a girl over for dinner. When she gets there, show her around and then say, "Now here's the kitchen. Why don't you get started and let me know when it's ready."

I just know I would like that.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fun Fun Fun Fun

As always, nothing stimulates my blogging quite like the urge to procrastinate. If you read my blogs regularly, you may be noticing a trend. I have some homework for one of my religion classes to do before I go for a leisurely evening jog but I'm not quite ready to make myself read 16 pages so I think I'll put it off just a liiiiittle longer.

It's been a pretty social weekend for me. Friday night I went on a date and had a few firsts: first time frisbee golfing, first time watching The Ring 2, and first time watching Madagascar 2. Not the first time I didn't know what to say when asked what my favorite movie is, what my favorite band is, and what I like to do for fun. It's starting to look like I'm a really narrow, boring person. Also, DEFINITELY not my first time embarrassing myself. This is to be expected. I've embraced it. Still, I had an excellent time.

Saturday my friend and former neighbor, Tim, drove up to hang out with me in Provo. We had a full day of errands and trying to decide what to do. I made him take me to the grocery store where I had my first real personal grocery shopping experience. I was pretty much throwing anything that looked good to me into my basket and then when I got to the checkout, it turned out I had $80 worth of food. Which was a lot to spend on what was supposed to be only a week or two of food and I probably wouldn't get around to eating most of it. (OK, I probably would..) So I had them put a bunch of it back. Which I felt kind of bad about. But I got over it. Then we went to Blockbuster to pick a movie. Being that we are both go-with-the-flow kind of people, making a decision took literally about an hour and a half. One of the guys who worked there finally came up to us and asked if we needed any help. (He wasn't any help.) We decided on The Black Swan. I still don't know how I feel about it. We also watched He's Just Not That Into You, one of the three movies in my DVD collection. Then we went and roasted marshmallows with his brother, Robbie. It was a good time but I got zero homework done. But as you can see, I'm making a real effort to use my time wisely to get caught up on it.

Anyway, that about sums it up. I apologize for my lack of interesting visual aid to go with my stories today. The only documentation I have of mine and Tim's adventures are a picture of Tim wearing my sweatshirt while making an offensive joke:
"You should tell Sammey she should watch this"
and an anticlimactic video of an unaware Amber trying to figure out how to make the most of her meal at Panda Express.

Instead, enjoy this:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Adventures of BYU Grounds Crew

This morning when I woke up, I for the first time since I started spring term wished that working, going to class, studying, and running weren't the only things my days have consisted of for the last two weeks because I really wanted to post a new blog but didn't feel like I had anything to talk about.
As of about 3 hours ago, all that has changed. Allow me to share with the group.
I opened the door of the van to join my colleagues on the BYU Grounds pruning crew for the ride to our work location, and what should greet me but my coworker, Quinn, cutting my other coworker, Max's hair with a pair of office scissors, using a bowl as a guideline for the shape.
Apparently our foreman, Jared, promised Max 3 cake donuts to let Quinn cut his hair in the moving vehicle, and I guess Max couldn't turn down $1.50 worth of donuts. So now the floor of the van is covered in nappy man hair and Max's head looks like this:

I took a video of the actual event, but I guess the file was corrupted. The video of Max's initial reaction to his new haircut is almost as good, though.

Then we stopped at a stoplight which coincidentally was swarming with bees.


I don't know if someone smashed a hive or what, but there were bees everywhere smacking against all the windows. Luckily we had unknowingly exchanged our open windows for air conditioning only minutes prior. We were, in Jared's words, "in the middle of an incredible bee storm."

Anyway. I kind of like my job.