Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh my YUM

I LOVE when there's an entire cup of chives on my baked potato. Nobody does customer service like you, Wendy's! And when I said I wanted BBQ sauce to go with my chicken nuggets, that was really just a test to see if you could read my mind to know that I actually didn't want any BBQ sauce. Congrats! You passed!

Wendy's always lets me down. Forgettin' my tomatoes, forgettin' my butter for my BP (baked potato), not taking Discover. It's outrageous, fa real.

Other than that my winter break is going just dandily! All my Christmas shopping is officially done, and I bought some winter clothes.
I was at the mall to buy my brother's Christmas present and this guy was trying to sell me a nail buffer (which is extraordinary, really.) And I tried to get away but he knew what I was doing ("You need to think about it? You don need to think about it, that's what they always say and they never come back. They say 'I need to talk to my husband.' When my girlfriend want something she does not talk to me before, she just buy it.") and he was just so nice and funny and Jewish and he asked me if I was Mormon and then told me about how his friend gave him a book of Children's Book of Mormon stories to help him read English better and you know what, I couldn't say no to a guy like that. I didn't even want to. So i bought the thing. And ya know what? I don't regret it! Not one bit! Cause he threw in a complimentary hug and that just won me over.

I also discovered another video blogger on youtube who is so hilarious. I lol every time I watch him. He's not entirely wholesome, I'm warning you. But he has my kind of sense of humor and I can't resist that. I guess that means I'm not wholesome. I'm sorry, guys. I am what I am. Anyway, I really like this one and this one, but honestly they're all pretty funny.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Procrastination is a way of life.

There are a number of things I ought to be doing. I need to study Spanish for my final tomorrow. I should write up my take-home final for landscape careers. Or I might as well be running and burning off some of the million calories I consumed today as long as I'm not gonna do any of the things I used as an excuse not to run earlier. But here I am. Surprise.
I went to the library to print something (I've spent $15 printing stuff this semester. That's really stupid.) On my way there I saw a girl getting a piggy-back ride and I was struck by an impulse to smack her butt. Don't worry; I ignored it, seeing as how I don't necessarily know her. Yeah alright, there's something wrong with me probably. Sorry if I feel a companionship with my BYU peers.
Then, on my way out of the library, I had the opportunity to witness the boy walking in front of me smack his face into the glass door. I felt bad laughing out loud but I'm sure he couldn't blame me. It was kinda cute anyway.
And during my walk back to my dorm I realized I was stepping over all the sidewalk cracks with my left foot. I've been doing this for years. It's because I use the right side of my body so much that I just feel like the left side needs a little attention sometimes. If I step over a crack with my right foot, it's like I'm playing favorites and that is just not fair.

Oh and uh, here's the product of Ali's and my celebration of the completion of our first finals:

Yup that's fancy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Here's a little peek-a-roo inside the head of a runner

I realized that I have split personalities when I run. One of them is driven and motivated and pretty relentless. (We'll call her Aggy short for agile cause she's agile.) The other is a total slacker and is constantly looking for reasons to stop. (We're gonna go ahead and call her Laggy for laggard.) Aggy and Laggy rarely go running without each other, so being in my head on a run is a lot like sitting between two squabbling children at church whom you don't know and you aren't really sure how to handle the situation so you just carry on doing whatever it is you were doing.

For Example:
Aggy: Wanna go for a run?
Laggy: I'm actually content watching Desperate Housewives.
Aggy: I saw you eat that donut earlier.
Laggy: Fine.

Laggy: Is that a crosswalk? Let's stop at the crosswalk.
Aggy: Green light. White stick guy indicating that it's time to cross. No cars. Dang kinda looks like you're outta luck. Suckaa.

Aggy: K pain. Might as well go away cause we're not stopping.
Laggy: No, pain. Stay awhile. I enjoy watching the suffering.

Laggy: Wouldn't this be a great place to stop and stretch?
Aggy: Wouldn't this be a great place to not waste 5 minutes of perfectly good running time?

Aggy: UNGH doesn't this feel SO GOOD!!
Laggy: Did you want me to answer that honestly or..?

Anyway. That's basically how it goes. Yeah. I got a party goin on up here.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Boys come in flocks.

They leave in them too.
Ladies, have you ever noticed that if one boy is giving you attention, usually you're getting attention from like four other guys as well, but otherwise you're not getting attention from anybody? Maybe it's just me, but it's like, is there any way we could space this out so that I can feel wanted all the time?

This morning I was introduced by my incredibly asian friend, Minji, to this equally incredibly asian youtube video blogger, whom I spent the day watching. Here, here, and here are some of my favorite entries.

Oh, Christmastime.

It most certainly is the most wonderful time of the year.
In celebration, the girls on my floor have opted to participate in Secret Santa amongst ourselves. I have yet to treat my assigned floormate to her holiday goodies, but I thought I might buy myself some time by writing her a note that says something like, "Dear Suzie, Santa doesn't exist. Merry reality."