Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Provo makes people CRAZY

And I've caught the fever.

I have.

What's a girl to do? With blissfully happy (albeit poor) newlyweds left and right.
Talk of wedding plans around every corner.
Wedding photography blogs out the wazoo that I can't help but look at. (Really! I can't help it!)

All the wedding shows on TLC aren't exactly discouraging me either.
How am I supposed to NOT think about my wedding dress when the media is telling me to say yes to the dress. Hello!
And Four Weddings? That is just a smorgasbord of wedding ideas. Am I expected to resist? I cannot!
If Kim Kardashian is ready to get married, why not me? We're about the same maturity level. Right?!

OK, President Monson. Alright, you crazy apostles. I'll get married! Fine! You win!

(Excuse me while I post pictures from the weddings of people I've never even met.)

I know I'm barely 19. I know, I know!

But I want this!

I want this,



and this.

I want this!

and I want this.

And I want everything that comes with it. The hard stuff, the annoying stuff, the fun stuff, the scary stuff.

I know it's typical and so cliche of Provo.
But you know what?

I accept that I'm marriage hungry.
What of it?