Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm going crazy.

I wanna chop my hair.
I know. That's so not the style right now.
But my hair is never gonna get down to my butt anyway.
So why try?
What if I just embrace it?
And look at this.
or this.
What's not to like?

Let's pretend my hair was short for a minute.
I know I'm not a Pinterest model or a movie star.
But I think this could work out.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last weekend

I was ditching school to spend a weekend in Colorado.
I was reuniting with my dear old friends.
 I was eating hot dogs and s'mores and playing with babies left and right.
I was seeing Batman multiple times, and eating really well while I did it.
I was lookin hot.
I was developing an alter-ego on my foot.

I was getting lost on my runs.
I was beating this girl at pool. (But only just barely)
I was shooting shotguns
and not getting bruised as much as everybody else.
I was  happy to be home.
I've missed you Colorado. I promise I won't stay away too long.

Two weeks ago, in a land kinda far away but still really wonderful..

I've been slacking on my blog posts :(
I'm busy, alright?
But listen.
Two weekends ago, Katie and I took off on a semi-spontaneous trip to California to visit our cherished friend and roommate, Caroline. The reunion was tender, and it was as if we haven't been separated from her for the last 9 months.
Coronado was gorgeous.
Everyone who lives there is so friendly and relaxed. The sea breeze carried in the constant sound of waves and smell of the beach. It was basically heaven, is what I'm saying.
We enjoyed many a delicious meal

Spent several hours lounging in various locations

Explored Orange Street

Visited the Del where Marilyn Monroe filmed Some Like It Hot
(and stole some fancy hotel soap)

Beached it up, of course

Played in/got dragged through the sprinklers

Went to the mall (and I made a terrific spontaneous purchase)

Visited the USS Midway

Hit up some street vendors, where Caroline had her future told to her via taro cards
And we spent our last morning attempting to shape our bodies into the letters to spell 'love' but we clearly underestimated the level of difficulty.

And naturally, we took an excessive number of pictures of ourselves.
As you can imagine, I didn't want to leave. But it was good times and such a good opportunity to escape from life and just spend time with my best friends. And I'm so so excited to finally get my Caroline back in TWO WEEKS!!!