Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This has a point, I promise.

See this little guy?
This is a groundhog. He (or she. who can really say?) burrowed his (or her!) way 30 or so ft into the ground to make a home for itself.
A groundhog can make a new burrow overnight. Did you know that?
I'm sure you're wondering where I'm going with this. Let me back up a little to last week.

Last week, I went to Salt Lake with my best friends for a bachelorette party.
We did all the things that are done at good bachelorette parties. We went swimming. We played get-to-know-Hailey's-fiancé games. We got pedicures. We stayed up late making immature jokes and laughing too loud. We tried foreign food. We drove all over salt lake in search of a pole dancing class, couldn't find it, gave up and got McFlurries instead. This is the stuff that memories are made of.

Hailey had to chew a piece of Hubba Bubba for every trivia question about Allan she answered wrong.
Let's just say it's impressive how much that girl can fit in her mouth.

We came home, and the dust from our fun weekend settled. Caroline went back to California to get all the stuff she'll need for the upcoming fall semester, and Taylor went back to Landon to do whatever married people do. That left Hailey, Megan and me.

Now is a good time to mention that Hailey is graduating. She has just completed her last term of college. She is going back to Yuma to get married and never see me again. Naturally, this displeases me.

As a direct result of Hailey's imminent betrayal departure, Hailey, Megan and I felt the need to bond as much as possible before she leaves. The meteor shower Monday night was the perfect opportunity. In fact, I am convinced that God planned that meteor shower precisely so that we could enjoy one last best friend memory together before everything changes for good.

We left the house at 2 A.M. with mounds of blankets, pillows and snacks and drove to Rock Canyon park, hiked up and over the hill, and snuggled up under the stars. I wish I could have captured that moment. The sky was so clear and the stars were so twinkly and the moon was bright enough to light the mountains. Everything was quiet except for the rhythmic hum of crickets chirping and the temperature was just cold enough that we were able to put our blankets to use. There was a certain thrill to seeing a flaming meteor soaring briefly through the sky, and it was the cutest thing when Megan saw a shooting star for the first time in her life. Between glimpses of meteors, the three of us just stared silently up into the beautiful sky, alone with our thoughts but together with the understanding that this was one of those magical moments that made all of the hard parts of our friendship worth it, and that it would be one of the last we would have together before life separates us and turns us into different people.

As I laid there, it all hit me. I've lived with these girls for three years now. They've been with me through everything. They've made me laugh so many times, I can't even count that high. They've hugged me after breakups and been way too kind to me when I had cramps and was acting like a monster. They've forgiven me when I've been condescending, thoughtless, and/or embarrassing. They've supported me in reaching my goals, they've shared their dreams with me, and they've been such an example to me day after day. And now, it's over. And at that moment, all I could do was look up at the sky and thank my Heavenly Father for giving these people to me, for giving this life to me, for letting me have these beautiful moments, even though they can't last forever.

This is where the groundhogs come in.
(Timeout. Did you know groundhogs are 1-2 1/2 feet long? I always thought they were tiny little things, like prairie dogs, but no, they're like the size of a cat, or bigger.)
(Yeah. Yes. OK. I researched groundhogs for the sole purpose of perpetuating this analogy. But if knowledge is the only thing you take with you to the afterlife, then allow me to give you the eternal gift of groundhog facts. You are welcome.)
As I was having these thoughts, I couldn't help but think of my friends as little groundhogs, who came into my life freshman year and burrowed their way into my heart, pretty much overnight. I know that the future will bring so many other incredible people into my life, and they'll make their own little tunnels in my heart too. They will bring me happiness that is just as great, but it will be a different kind of happiness. I will never feel this way about anyone ever again, and I will miss it so much, but I am inexpressibly grateful to know what it feels like to have friends that God hand-picked for you to give you comfort, teach you, and help you grow.

I will forever love my little groundhogs!


Monday, August 5, 2013

(Not So) Health Nut

As a college student, sometimes I get sick of eating frozen foods and Wendy's and rewarding myself with Café Rio multiple times per week. (Ok.. I never get sick of Café Rio.) (What?! It's hard to get through the week, alright! I need pick-me-ups! DON'T JUDGE ME!)

So then I'll get on a health kick, and I get a liiiittle overzealous with my fruits and veggies at the grocery store.
I'm like, of COURSE I can eat two pounds of cherries, an entire watermelon, a whole package of cuties, 2 boxes of strawberries, 3 cucumbers, 2 heads of lettuce, a whole bag of celery (I don't even LIKE celery!), 10 apples and 5 tomatoes in a single week.
And honestly, I probably COULD if I were using that to replace all the junk I usually eat.

But does that happen?
Not exactly...
I can't give up my Café Rio addiction and I can't single-handedly eat enough produce to feed a small family.
And so, inevitably, two weeks later I still have an entire watermelon sitting on my counter; a head of lettuce, a pound of wrinkly cherries and a couple tomatoes in my trash; and 3/4 of a bag of cuties and 5/8 of a bag of celery still in my fridge, alongside my Café Rio leftovers.

What can ya do.

Run. A lot. And cross your fingers that it's enough to counter the 1000-calorie salad you just ate.
Solid strategy as far as I'm concerned.