Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Race.

I like to update a week late.
It's my thing.

Last Friday, I ran the Legacy Midnight half marathon for the second year in a row. Last year I was kind of a loner, but this year Britney ran it with me, and my best friends came to support.
Of course my parents were there too, even though it was waaay past their bedtime.
Even Snuggle came!
Anyway, it's totally a fun race that I would have to recommend to anyone interested in running. There's a 5k and a 10k too, and it's pretty flat, so it's great for new runners.
We made the mistake of eating two hours before the race. I was worried I hadn't eaten enough that day, but I guess that still doesn't justify downing an entire cafe rio salad. I should've known better.
This year's time compared to last year
Still, I somehow managed to pull out a time of 1:50:07.9, which I'll take, since I spontaneously set a goal of 1:50 the day of the race.
I'll be honest, I prefer being able to feel accomplished just for finishing the race to feeling like I'll only be successful if I beat a certain time. But I don't think I can stop now. Oh well.
I took third in my age group again this year. But next year I'll be in the 20-24 age group, so I guess I'll have bigger fish to fry.
Brit did SO great too! It's her second half marathon in the last two months (and her second half EVER), and she only recently decided to do it. She was planning to just run it for fun, but she ended up beating her first time by about 3 minutes. That's huge, and I'm so PROUD of her! And it was so fun to have her there to share the pre-race jitters. 

 I'm so grateful I had my loved ones there to cheer me on and hug my sweaty self after crossing the finish line.

It means so much to me that they were willing to clear their entire Friday night to sit around and wait while I torture myself. I'm blessed, and I'm lucky, and I'm happy.

Next up: full marathon on September 29. What better way to celebrate turning 20 years and two days old?