Friday, April 1, 2016

I got a new job!

... 6 months ago. 
But now it's official! I am a 911 dispatcher! I just finished my first week by myself after being in training since October.

Happening upon this job was so unexpected for me after a background in PR, marketing, and event planning, but using my communication skills in this capacity has been so fulfilling and such a blessing in so many ways. For one, the dispatch center is a five minute walk from my house, which freed up the car for the dialysis technician job Tyler just got all the way up in Heber. For two, three-day weekends. And most importantly, I get to help provide for my family doing something that I know is important. It's allowed me to develop parts of myself that I didn't know were there. 

One of the really cool things about my job is the opportunity it gives me to interact with police officers, especially during a time when they are so unpopular in many parts of the nation with the media and the public. Before working for the police department, I avoided police officers because the only interaction I expected to have with them was getting a speeding ticket or getting in trouble for something. Now, it is my job to find out as much about a bad situation as I can before sending my officers into it. It is my job to help keep my officers safe. 

It's not something people tend to think about in their normal every day lives. While we sit safely at our desks in our 9-5 day jobs, we don't think about officers spending their 10-hour shifts confronting dangerous people and circumstances, requiring them to use utmost caution and expect the worst from all suspects, all so that their community can have someone to call when they are in trouble. All so that their community can enjoy safety. It is true bravery and I have nothing but respect and gratitude for all law enforcement. 

I'm beyond thrilled to be part of an incredible team doing incredible things. 


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